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The Center for Child and Youth Policy hosts experts who specialize on issues related to children and families from across the country and a variety of disciplines for presentations that are open to all interested researchers, service providers, and students. To keep up-to-date on the events offered at the CCYP, sign up for our listserve and "Like" our Facebook page.

Past events hosted by the CCYP are below, with pictures, materials, and videos when possible.

Events Archive

2012-2013: Children and Education Reform

2011-2012: Marriage: Who needs it?

2010-2011: Children and Youth in Hard Times

2009-2010: International Perspectives

2008-2009: Reconnecting "Disconnected" Youth: The Role of Public Policy

2007-2008: Fathers and Fatherhood: What difference do Dads make in the Lives of Children?

2006-2007: Early Childhood Education

2005-2006 CCYP Seminars

2004-2005 CCYP Seminars

2003-2004 CCYP Seminars

2002-2003 CCYP Seminars

2001-2002 CCYP Seminars

UCB Child Policy Conferences

2010-2011 Seminar Series: Children and Youth in Hard Times


Mother's Work and Children's Lives: Low-Income Families After Welfare Reform

Rucker Johnson, UCB Goldman School of Public Policy

October 26, 2010

Contingent Universalism in the Nordic Countries: Unemployment and Economic Security for Young Adults in Finland, Norway and Sweden

Thomas Lorentz, Senior Research at the UNI Rokkan Centre at the University of Bergen

November 9, 2010


How Children Fight for Leftovers in the U.S. Budget

Eugene Steurle, Richard B. Fisher Chair and Institute Fellow at the Urban Institute

December 6, 2010


What Does California's Budget Crisis Mean for Vulnerable Children?

Jean Ross, Executive Director of the California Budget Project

April 12, 2011
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Does Research Influence Social Policy? The Nordic Experience

April 29, 2011

Keynote Speaker: Tapio Salonen, Professor in Social Work and Dean at Faculty of Health and Society, Malmo University, Sweden

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