Faculty Affiliates

Integral to the workings of the CCYP are our dedicated Faculty Affiliates. Members meet regularly to discuss current issues in child and family policy, bringing together perspectives from diverse disciplines including social welfare, law, psychology, public policy, sociology, public health, history, and education. These faculty serve as advisors to graduate students throughout the UC Berkeley campus to encourage creative and innovative approaches to researching and addressing the needs of California's children.

Faculty Affiliates


Jill Berrick (Social Welfare)

Neil Gilbert (Social Welfare)



Bruce Fuller

Susan Holloway

Dan Perlstein

Frank Worrell



Catherine Albiston

Kristin Luker

Steve Sugarman



Alison Gopnik

Steve Hinshaw

Robert Levenson

Qing Zhou


Graduate School

Carolyn Cowan

Phil Cowan

Mary Ann Mason


Public Health

Norm Constantine

Ronald E. Dahl

Julianna Deardorff

William H. Dow

Sylvia Guendelman

Jodi Halpern

Douglas Jutte

Emily J. Ozer

Karen Sokal-Gutierrez


Public Policy

Rucker Johnson

David Kirp

Jane Mauldon

Richard Scheffler


Social Welfare

Anu Manchikanti Gomez

Valerie Shapiro

Susan Stone



Cybelle Fox

Jennifer Johnson-Hanks

Barrie Thorne

Margaret Weir


Other Universities

Jay Belsky- UC Davis

Ira Ellman- Arizona State



Eugene Bardach (Public


Paula Fass

Joan Hollinger (Law)

Michael Wald- Stanford

Rhona S. Weinstein




Faculty Affiliate Spotlight

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